Guitar Scale Generator Applet
Download the applet here!

How To Read The Scales

Each scale is presented with the root note in red. Root means that the scale begins with that note. The top line represents the first (thinnest) string. The bottom line represents the sixth (thickest) string.

I found this cool applet several years ago on Harmony Central , it has since been removed from that site and has remained unpublished. It is such a cool tool I had to post. I have no involvement with this code other then publishing.


Many people do not understand what to do when they first see these charts. Do whatever you want!! These charts merely show you where the notes in a scale appear on the guitar. There is no particular order you need to play them - you don't even need to play all of them! In fact, you can even hit notes that aren't in the scale at all. If a song is in the key of 'C' Major, that means that the notes in the song will be found in this pattern.

You could also visit Guitar Playing.com for a more in depth explanation of guitar scales.


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